Kelly Lynn Fit

1. Always moisturize your skin with a good ph balanced formula. Also use foundation primer. This will make the application much smoother and your make-up will be even.

2. The face foundation should be a few shades lighter than the spray tan. Too often, people tend to get sprayed on the face. The problem is, the skin on the face is porous and can absorb far too much tanner. So the key to matching the color to the tan is to find a foundation such as MAC Studio Tech NW40. You can also go darker, but this depends on the color of your spray tan. Always apply the foundation into your hairline, your ears, along your jawline, and onto your neck so that the foundation blends in with your spray tan. If you don't, the lighting will definitely show 2 different colors on stage.   

3. Use a dark contouring powder (start at temple, go under cheekbone, then end at  the jawline.  Make sure this line is not harsh. Apply contour under your chin and along the underside of your jaw. This will create a beautiful look that will compliment the bone-structure. 

4. Blush should be dark enough to show up on your face. Make sure it's not ultra pink though.

5. My absolute favorite look with eye shadow is the "smoky eye". Keep in mind that you want the contour to be darker and more dramatic than if you were doing a smoky eye for an evening out. Black and champagne look amazing on everyone. If your skin tone is naturally darker and your suit is pastel you may be able to pull off combos of greens, blues, yellows and oranges around the eye. This should only be an accent to a somewhat more smokey eye.

6. False eyelashes are everything! Make sure they are more of a natural blend. You can get really good eyelashes for cheap. The only thing is, do not get plastic ones. They should be applied before you use mascara.  After you let the glue set for 5 to 10 minutes, be sure to apply then finish off with liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara. 

7. Fill in your brows, stage lighting is harsh. Shape them as well by using a brush to smooth them out. 

8. Pinks and reds look best onstage for lip color. Do not use frosted shades, oranges, corals, and golds.  

9. Because of sweat, be sure to finish off your look with translucent powder.


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