We all know how crazy expensive this sport is. That' why I came up with the beauty hack for competition prep idea. You CAN still win without a make-up artist, hairstylist, or tanning company. BUT, you must learn what the does and don'ts are. I am working on an easy to understand e-book to help you along the way. Over 17 years of experience in this sport, I can tell you one thing: times have changed. I used to have to do my own tan. I always did my own make up. I always did my own hair. I have won numerous times or placed without the extra expenses. Will it be more nerve racking? At first it might. But if you practice early and pre-pack your make up and hair products, you won't be stressing. Since you won't be washing your tan off, you basically can do a few things the night before show day to alleviate the stress.

First of all, you DO NOT have to get MAC make up or other expensive products. I can assure you, drug store brands work just fine. As well as the eyelashes, believe me...Walgreens has it all.

I do have a few top line products which I do swear by, one being Wunderbrow as it does stay on and I can wear it overnight. My eyeshadow is normally Smashbox or something I picked up from Sallys. I like the smokey eye with a small amount of color on the lid. I find that the more natural you go, the better. Don't be trying to go all nuts with blues and such. Be modest in your approach, but understand that stage make up is MUCH darker than day to day make up. Hence, don't skimp on the eyelashes or mascara. Also, don't forget lipstick. Those two things are crucial to standing out. The eyeshadow, contouring, and the blush are secondary. Don't be trying to be a shimmer queen either because this isn't cheer camp or some dance competition. So just say no to body glitter or hair glitter or any other glitter.  

With that said, I am working on a video tutorial for you guys to see the magic of make up and my client and good friend Hendrickje Ewen is a well known special effect and stage make up specialist. We are working on this project. However, for fast and efficient pre-show jitters, practice on yourself and get used to potentially having to do your own make up. Heaven forbid your MUA doesn't show up on time or is booked solid and has to cram you in. Always, always, and I mean this... HAVE A BACK UP PLAN. Plan B. You got this. Just don't stress and enjoy the whole process. The stress is going to be there no matter what. 

You can always fix make up, you can always fix hair. But if you have no hair product or no make up on hand, your stage appearance is basically null and void. The lack of preparation that the judges would see without stage make up and lack of attention to detail would be a definite in marking you down.

So with all of that said, I will list my products I use and hopefully it helps you to cut costs.