November 17-18, 2017

Verdict Miami Nationals...

Well, I received 4th place in a stacked class and my class winner received overall, so no complaints here. Gonna cruise into Jr. USA in SC in May, then if not there, heading to Team Universe! I am fired up and can't wait!!! Very happy with the total outcome this year. It's improvement season and I'm excited about that!


August 31, 2017

Outcome of the North American's 2017...

FIRST CALLOUT in THREE divisions and top five in all three. Women's Physique over 35, Figure Open, and Figure over 35. The best part is that I missed my pro card by ONE place in women's physique!!! Ahhhh... That was the icing on the dang cake...But guess what, WE ARE STILL ON A MISSION. 

If you would have asked me in 2015 if I would hit the stage again, I would have said no. After a 12 year hiatus I wasn't really thinking about the stage. I put more time into coaching and work than anything. I practically put my performing side on the back burner.

But I did and I am so grateful, because I won the All South 2016 and here I am today, prepping with the amazing Jer Luptosky out of Lancaster, PA. Together, with his protocol (old school training and new school methods) as well as our similar mindsets, it has brought me drastic changes and extreme muscularity. 

Thank you Jer, you are an incredible support system and a kick ass coach. I also want to give a shout out to my good friends for keeping me motivated through this and my coworkers as well. Last but not least, my family, and first and foremost, my mother for ALWAYS believing in me and my dreams no matter how far fetched they can be.

This is savage as it gets, but lift heavy or go home. By the way, train insane or remain the same. NEVER EVER FORGET THAT.


With gratitude,

Kelly Lynn

Kelly Lynn Fit